Anne-Catherine Favier, professional painter
Painting, is for me like a precious need or like a breath. I feel it deep inside in me like an emergency. An emergency to make of the shape, the shapeless.

Each time I am facing a canvas I know that the painting already started even before the fist touch.

I like to establish this initial relation with lines, with drawings, with a general structure.

Usually the painting structure is done with a pencil, and when the painting is done, some of them remains visible.

Behind-the-scene marks, stages of a very personal progress, intimate relation with the canvas appears to me.

At the contrary, I never show an image.

I feel free of expressing my feelings, my troubles, my surprises... A real story take place with the painting. A relationship !

I am fully living this dialogue with the unknown, a mutual confidence relationship is established between the painting and I.
And then, when we meet and face each other, the painting is done.
Galerie peinture Catherine Favier

"C'est ce que je fais qui m'apprend ce que je cherche, car l'artiste va vers ce qu'il ne connaît pas par des chemins qu'il ignore." Pierre Soulages

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